About Me

Hi! I’m Guo Lin. My surname is See. I’m Malaysian Chinese. I am also known as Kaiden (pronounced as KAY-DEN) among some of my friends.

I’m a software engineer by profession. I’m passionate about web technologies particularly in front end technologies and the craft of software engineering. I’m also actively involved in product management, Scrum facilitation and product design.

I’m inspired by the philosophy of Mohism. I find it a very noble philosophy encompasses morality, political science, mathematics (geometry and algebra), physics (mechanics and optics), logic and military of its time. I read about it in my free time and occasionally, I share my understanding on Mohism via tweets and blog posts. Here’s my favourite quote from the book Mozi that writes about Mohism:


One who talks a lot but takes actions slowly will not be listened to even if he is right. One who has worked hard but hungers for credit will not attain anything even if he drudged. A wise man discerns all in his mind but speaks lightly of them, puts a lot of effort but not for the credits, thus his name is exalted to the world.

Self-cultivation, Mozi. Mozi

I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn.