The Path to Agility

Two months ago, my CEO wanted me to learn about Scrum and to implement it in the company. I went on researching on it, and found out that it does not fit exactly well in our organisation due to the facts that:

  • We have multiple products but only one development team.
  • We have ad hoc jobs and tasks from the C-level bosses from time to time.
  • We don’t really have a fully cross-functional team. Specifically, we don’t have designers.

So I went on to create our own variation of Scrum, and to rename some of the terminologies to make it simpler for the guys.

Then one of my colleagues pointed out that I should attend a ScrumMaster course to really learn about it. I thought that was a good idea as I needed to validate if I’m practicing Scrum correctly.

So, last month, I attended a Scrum course. I’ve gained a much, much better understanding of Scrum. I realised that what I did was only performing some processes of Scrum, but not understanding the basis of running these processes. The variation of Scrum we were practicing was only processes to keep things in order in some ways, but does not really increase productivity or product quality.

After attending the course, I understand the core values, pillars, ideals of Scrum. I understand the various roles and the parts they play to contribute to produce a good software product. I understand the purpose of each ‘ceremony’ in Scrum. To run Scrum the most effective way, there’s really nothing in the Scrum framework that can be removed just to adept to the organisation.

In fact, the more I understand about Scrum, the more I find it suitable for our organisation and products. After some long consideration of the case of our organisation, I really think the full, non-discounted version of Scrum is the best way for us. There are always logistic issues and human factor that become the obstacles for the change, but I’m very convinced and determined to help my company to become a truly Agile company with Scrum.

And yeah, I am now a certified Professional Scrum Master.

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